NEZ 366-76-12RDAP/HA
The class NEZ 366-76-12RDAP/HA is based on the service - proven Adler class 266. It´s field application covers straight stitch, 2-step (standard) at max. 8mm and 6-step zig-zag - operations at max. 12mm stitchwidth in the production of sails or similar applications. The machine is available with a standard workspace of 320x180mm or lengthened with 650x180mm. Due to permanently lubricated roller bearings and porous bearings, the machine is sturdier and even less liable to malfunction. Fast convertibility to different stitches and needle sizes was our main concern. Therefore, the stitch control cams can easily be changed by loosening a knurled screw; and hook, shuttle and shuttle race are simply readjusted. The change of needle guard has improved sewing safety, when sewing with very thick threads even more. Additionaly there is a variety of optional equipment, like needle-positioning-motor; needle cooling; hook cooling and lubricating; puller feed; reverse by push button; pneumatic foot-pressure and lifting, which make sewing still more comfortable

barrel shuttle hook single-needle long- or standard-arm  optional belt puller    lower feed straigt-stitch 2-step-zigzag 6-step-zigzag