Spare Parts      

We offer you a wide range of spare parts for nearly all brands and types of sewing machines.

Especialyfor the Adler 66, 98, 166, 266, 366 we still can provide a great assortment of parts.

We keep the
ADLER - well known heavy duty Zig- zag Machines.
Spirit alive!   

Big capacity hooks

Hooks, bobbin´s, bobbin cases, needle- plate´s, needle- bar´s or what else you need to fix your sewing machine!

Shuttle Hooks:
for: Adler 66, 166, 266, 366
Rotating Hooks
for Adler 98
for Adler 1217, Bernina 217, Refrey 930/ 931  
for Dürkopp Adler 72525 | Minerva 72 | Global ZZ 567  
This is just a small summary of our spare parts offer. If you are interested or need something special please contact us via Fax or e-mail!